Monday, August 07, 2006

Family Craftiness

Hubbie and I are enjoying the Seattle summer. We've gotten into a routine and are loving our neighborhood, the weather, and the long days. I've finally really gotten into running and am rethinking my old running goals, but at least I'm thinking about them!

Hubbie finally turned his old snowboard (you might remember that it was mounted on our wall in California as a masterpiece) into a bench. It's outside our door so that we can sit outside and spy on the neighbors.

I've also gotten some knitting in. I just picked up Mason Dixie Knitting from the library and I made my first dish cloth. I have 6 more in mind and have the cotton yarn to do it. There are two lucky ladies who will receive small presents this month (is it you?)!

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Secret Pal said...

I love Mason-Dixon Knitting! Those washcloths are addicting. I plan on making them in those colors (school colors) for a friend leaving for college. However, that's in 11 days. So I should work on that...

Don't think I've neglected you! I have another package coming your way... It will be sent out before the 18th, because that's when I leave for college. I want to find a few more random, non-yarn related goodies for it first, though.