Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nature Runner

Although I haven't blogged lately, I've been super busy! Unfortunately, it hasn't been with knitting. My family came down for a race and parade this weekend. My dad and friend ran an 8 K (that's 5 miles people!) with me and encouraged me in the last few miles. My friend is the craziest, most energetic woman I know. When she gets bored, she does crunches. For fun. I know-- that's crazy!

I finished in a slow 46:37, but at least I made it. Hopefully my next race in September will be faster.

We also stayed for the parade after the race. It was dark, so the pictures didn't really turn out. That's right. I tortured hubbie into going to two parades in one week. And he's still alive.
And yes, that is a bowl of chowder that hubbie is eating/holding. How very Seattle.

As far as knitting, I've been still slowly working on my laptop cover. It's slow, but there are a few more stripes (I promise).

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