Thursday, September 14, 2006

Razor Sharp

I am so impressed with Erin! I barely showed a picture of the tank I was working on, and she knew right away that I was busy making a Razor Cami. That's a good fashion eye!

I actually used some lace weight yarn from Erin (denim something-or-other), as she was my super secret pal recently, to make this tank. I didn't keep track of gauge, but I did add 12 stitches to the pattern. I didn't use any contrasting yarn, as the pattern called for, and you can see the top is kind of wavy. I will need to do something to even it out, but I'm not sure what. Maybe I can use some of my super secret sock yarn to make one row of contrasting crochet or something... Any ideas are welcome!

I miss socks already and am planning a super secret sock project. I'll show you when I'm finished, but if you ask, I know nothing.


SSS Partner said...

Super cute tank! Hopefully the weather stays warm enough for you to enjoy it a few times. :)

Erin said...

Yes, I definately had to add a trim on top-it was too droopy for me to wear. Unfortunately, while I did manage to pick up stitches correctly, I had to take out the straps and re-do them because I didn't put them anywhere near where my shoulders are. I have no idea what yarn I used, but it's fuzzy and now has a wicked halo. So I probably will end up fixing it again. It is a great pattern, though, and it looks great! It's cool how it worked with two yarns that are totally different (the lace weight and the Silky Wool)