Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sunny September

In an exciting twist of fate, hubbie has lost a bet to a friend of ours and was forced to buy me flowers (now that's my kind of bet!). The flowers are beautiful and they highlight the sun that keeps shining through my window (despite foggy mornings).
In honor of the late summer, I am trying desperately to finish this tank top before it gets too cold. I'm just about to divide the front and back, and then it will be very close! It's been my bus project, and has had a few unfortunate snars (since it's lace weight yarn). I need to be more careful!

This past weekend, I put the knitting down (at least for a few hours) while I went to the state fair with my parents. My mom forced me to go on crazy rides (where she was very lucky that I didn't get sick on her).This is obviously the before picture.

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Erin said...

Is that the razor cami? I just started that a few days ago, but have had a huge paper due (in 22 hours! hoorah! I should start that!) and have been reading up on it. It's looking good, though.