Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sock Love

In what may be the fastest sock knitting ever (or at least by me), hubbie's socks are finished. He is very excited and has been wearing them every day since then.

I'm also working on a new sock knitting record, knitting the sock for the second sock syndrome exchange. I started on Saturday and have already turned the heel! I knit during several waiting-for-concert times at Bumbershoot**, on the bus (as always), walking to and from the gym. I'm just about to start the toe decreases, but am having a hard time deciding exactly how to do it. I'm kind of picky in my pattern pieces (I have a certain heel I like, and now I need to find the perfect toe).

**No, I did not get to see the Yarn Harlot or Knitta. I chose the one day that no famous knitters were coming. We did see some great bands: Matt Costa, Andrew Heringer, Great Big Sea, and some short films involving dance (yeah, hubbie loved it) and a wonderful monologist (how do you get that job? I could totally sit on a stage and talk for 2 hours).

In other funness this weekend, hubbie and I went on a short letterboxing adventure all the way out in West Seattle (we haven't even ventured out there together yet). Yes, that's a super cute new haircut that I'm showing off in the picture. Look mom, bangs!
On the way back, we stopped off at the Seattle Yarn Gallery (not to be confused with Fiber Gallery in my neighborhood). It was a great store! I can't wait to go back when I can actually buy something (I have way too much yarn and too many potential projects right now). To wrap up our busy weekend, we went on an Argosy Cruise around Seattle with some friends and saw some great sunset views of the city (unfortunately my pictures are all just blurry lights). It was a great end to our first Seattle summer!


SSS Partner said...

Your hubby's socks are great! Short row heel? I am chugging along on your sock - hope to make some good time on it this weekend when I get a break from the kiddos.

maleah said...

It's hard to see, but it is a short row heel. It's my first toe up sock, and I am in love with the short roe toe as well. Hubbie's very picky and only likes very plain knits, so other than the fun toe and heel, the rest is all stockinette stitch and 1x1 rib at the top.