Thursday, September 07, 2006

Totally Rude

I can't believe I was so rude! I thanked my secret pal, but I didn't tell you who she was or link to her website (sorry Erin!). My wonderful secret pal for this round was Erin of Swearing Off Profanity. You should go visit her and wish her luck in her first quarter at college (or maybe her school is on the semester system...).

Speaking of rude, why is it that the people who ride my bus can't keep their information to themselves?! I was standing near the front (because yes, it really was that full at 4:00 on a Thursday) and heard some lady going on and on about how sick she is and how she should really be in her car because she's so sick. This leaves me thinking either she's the rudest lady ever (thank god she didn't sneeze on me) or she's just trying to convince everyone that she really does have a car and isn't forced to ride the bus like the rest of us.

In knitting news, I finished the sock for my second sock syndrome swapper (for you non-knitters, I am knitting one sock for someone and send it to them with yarn for the second sock which they must knit for themselves). I love it and had to model it (I hope that's not gross!). As you may know, I am obsessed with finding a slimming sock, and I think this might be it. I can't wait to make one for myself!

The sock is with the Mata Hari inspiration as seen on Julia's blog. I used Koigu KPPPM sock yarn at a gauge of 6.5 st./inch on one long size 2 needle. Yes, of course that's a short row heel you see (would it be anything else)? I realize I'm pretty bad at chronicling my knitting specifics on FOs, so I'm trying to be better.

Now if only I could get to the post office to mail off the fun sock!


Erin said...

Maybe she was trying to get a "bubble" around her so she could have some space to herself. Which is pretty rude. But some days I'm tempted to pull something like that.

We're on semesters. UPS is weird about some things. Like each class is worth 1 credit (or .5 if it's a music class, or activity, etc). And my friends at SPU, UW, BYU, are taking 15 credits, with each class being 3-5 credits.

The great thing about living on campus is that there is a post office on campus, so I can just walk to the SUB and mail stuff out!

Cynthia said...

What a pretty sock - I really like that pattern, thanks for the link! And very yummy yarn, too.

Would have been nice if the sick lady had taken her car instead of spreading her germs everywhere.

Adelle said...

I love that sock! I just finished one with that same pattern. Now if I can just START the second one, we might have a pair :)