Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Surprise and Super Secret Project

This morning I was rushing out of the door to catch the bus on time, and I tripped over my second sock sydrome package. What a great surprise (especially since I have yet to mail my package)! Inside I found a great sock:

along with some Koigu yarn and a sock book. I'm so excited to work on these socks. I've never made cabled socks before, but I love cables and I love socks, so it seems like a natural step. Holly Jo seemed a little worried about the directions for the heel, but I'm sure it will be fine (and it's a good thing I'm not a perfectionist!). These socks also have a different bind off system and I'm excited to do something new.
This of course called for an emergency trip to the yarn store during lunch today to buy size 1 needles. It was a gorgeous Seattle day, so it was nice to get out!

Speaking of socks, I have been working on a super secret project. Luckily for you, the socks themselves aren't a secret, just who they are for. I'm using the Mata Hari pattern that I used with my last sock with a toe-up twist.

So now the only question is: which project deserves to be my bus knitting? Should I be selfish and start the cable sock or should I finish the super secret project first?

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