Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finished Cardigan/Shrug

I’ve been wanting some cardigan for a long time, and keep complaining that I don’t have any good “cover up” warm stuff for fall. I started working on something to solve that with some hand spun yarn a long time ago (yeah, I spun it, so it’s pretty uneven... especially since this yarn was from my first “big spin”). I had a hard time because I realized half way through that it wouldn’t have front panels, just sleeves and a back, so it would look a little funny. I was trying to figure out how to pick up stitches (without looking like I was knitting sideways), when I stumbled across this.

I immediately frogged my first project, and started Saturday afternoon knitting away on the new and improved design (it was actually on the way to a birthday party, so I missed some significant knitting time that night), and this evening, I have a new cardigan/shrug! I also had to help hubbie today at work, so I had very little knitting time today either (it was really a very quick knit obviously).

On the way home from his work today, we stopped off and bought some Rit dye and a pin so that I can wear it tomorrow.

I dyed the yarn with koolaid, but am not a huge fan of the barely-pink-and-green results. I also don’t wear much pink or green, so I thought a nice shade of grey would be much more versatile. I was nervous using Rit, since it doesn’t mention wool anywhere on the package, but it looks like it turned out very nicely. It’s drying now (which is mainly why the color looks so uneven), but look forward to seeing it with a professional outfit soon!

On a side note, I went on a shopping spree with a friend on Friday and realized how lame I’ve been dressing/looking. I’m kicking it up a notch (with a new bra thanks to the bra-fitting-ladies at Nordstrom.... let me tell you, I was way off on what size I had been buying... and some new pieces for the wardrobe, I’m half way there! Now if only hubbie would let me shop more often....).

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