Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bus Knitters

When I got on the bus this afternoon, there was only one seat in the front section. Imagine my surprise when I sat down and realized the woman next to me was knitting socks! In my 10 months of riding the bus, I've seen less than 6 other knitters, and I've never gotten to sit next to them (or wasn't brave enough to move in order to sit next to them). I'm still working on the secret socks (which I proudly showed off to my fellow knitter). In my SSS socks, I've turned the heel. I know that Holly Jo had a lot of issues with the heel and was worried that I wouldn't be able to copy it. I didn't follow directions exactly (I figured that a yarn over was a yarn over, no matter how it got there), but you can see very little (or no) difference between the two heels. Yeah!

First Heel (by Holly Jo):
Second heel (by me):
I'll keep you posted when I get more knitting done!

1 comment:

Holly Jo said...

I am glad that the heel went well, and I hope that the cable pattern from the leg matches down to the foot. :) Still love that yarn.