Sunday, October 15, 2006

Zoo Knitting

Hubbie and I tried our best to enjoy our last day "before the rains", which was sadly yesterday. We had some tickets to the zoo, and, with much emotional/do-humans-have-the-right-to-do-this turmoil, we decided to finally check it out. The animals were amazing! We were slightly reassured in our moral dilemma to know that the zoo does a lot of breeding for the purpose of replenishing the wild popluation. The highlights (although not necessarily the favorite animals) were the grizzley bear and the orangutangs. The bears were massive and beautiful. We watched the orangutangs for a while. One was outside eating broccoli. When he was finished, he took something out of his mouth (which turned out to be chalk) and started drawing on a slate in front of him. It was absolutley amazing! I think he could knit if he was taught (maybe not purl and do fancy-pants things like, well basically anything but knit, but you know what I mean). Speaking of knitting like an animal, I've started feverishly on my next project. I'm knitting a Buttony sweater out of Cascade Eco-wool. I only have one skein (it's huge), but I think I might need a second one eventually, so I may have a hard time matching dye lots (although I think the yarn isn't actually dyed...). The yarn looks scratchy and hippie-esque, but it's actually really soft! I'm looking forward to wearing this eventually!


Erin said...

I don't think it's dyed either... I just picked up two huge skeins of it yesterday-it's a pain to wind by hand, though. I had it draped all around the dorm room. I'm thinking about dying over it to get a darker green rather than a Kool-Aid blinding lime.

Holly Jo said...

The giant Kodiak grizzly, Jake, at our zoo is my favorite. It is truly amazing how massive they are. That sweater is so cute, but oh all those buttons to sew on. :)