Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seattle Heads

This is our first full winter in Seattle. I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved up here. We’ve settled into life and I’m starting to feel like a true Seattleite. Hubbie and I love being a resource for everyone we know about any hot spot in town: where to go to get great coffee, chocolate, burgers, yarn, you name it, we want to be the ones to tell you where to get it. We still haven’t explored some neighborhoods, and there are still tons of restaurants and bars that we haven’t hit up, but we’re slowly making headway.

Since it’s hubbie’s first winter out in the elements, he’s been begging for a big, warm winter hat. Voila, Hear No Evil from Knitscene. I knit it from Frog Tree Merino Wool Worsted Weight. It’s super soft and was an easy knit. Besides, it looks great! I’m thinking of stealing it from him when he’s not looking.

Up next: adorable baby knitting and possibly something for myself. Stay tuned!


PhilNick said...

Sweet, that thing looks cozy!

PhilNick said...

Baby knitting, say WA?!?

Something you need to announce next post?

Hubby said...

Hubbie will not be looking the other way. I love this hat. The fact that it is seahawk colors is the best. Thank you for the great hat but I will not be letting you wear it any time soon.

Anonymous said...

wow.. i think u r good