Monday, January 08, 2007

Hubbie Birthday Bash

Hubbie is now 29. I know, he's feeling very old. His paternal clock is starting to tick very loudly. To celebrate, we played his favorite game: Whirlyball. Although it's expensive, it's totally worth it, and I have to recommend it for any party (especially when there are males involved... I had fun, but the guys seemed to have the most fun). It was great, because it was such a random "sport" (basically like lacross or trackball but in bumpercars with basketball-esque hoops), so no one was really good at it before we played (although some of the boys, hubbie included, had played before).
Hubbie the super star
Here hubbie and I are on different teams (look at the color of the car). Unfortunately, I lost.

On Sunday, hubbie's real birthday, he went snowboarding at a nearby mountain that gives you a free lift ticket on your birthday while I stayed home and knit. I finished the front panels of the Central Park Hoodie and am now on to the sleeves.

In other fun news, while shopping at the newest Whole Foods to open in the area (hubbie and I can't turn down a trip to an overpriced gourmet grocery store), I purchased my first pair of Earth shoes. I. Love. Them. They are the most comfortable shoes ever and were worth every penny. Plus, they show off my socks, and will look great with some hand knit socks. Here they are with my fun work trouser socks (hubbie thinks that trouser socks should be much shorter than knee high... maybe they are on taller women!).


Hubbie said...

I do love an over priced store. Eight dollars for mac and cheese, yeah.

Erin said...

Whirlyball? In Seattle? Sounds like something fun. I shall be making my way up there one of these weekends with my college friends, hopefully on a nicer weekend so we can do more walking. I love it on 4th Ave, where there are the piano stores!

As for the trouser socks, I'm 5'8 and they are mid-calf on me.