Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Knitting

How much knitting can one get away with on a zillionaire weekend?
About that much.

I conned hubbie to stop at the yarn store on the way out of town on Thursday night so that I could get some Tahki Donegal Tweed yarn (in color #803) and I got started on my Central Park Hoodie right away. Since the Zillionaire lounge is a long drive from our place, I had a lot of time on my hands. I also snuck in some knitting while riding in the Grocery Getter II to the local ski mountain. Although I will never be tempted to buy a mini van, the GGII is very impressive. It was hard to go back to opening and closing my own doors after the remote open/close of the GGII.

Here I am cozy in the back corner (with 6 other adults in the roomy vehicle).
Now I'm back to work and have a lot to do for the next few weeks. I'm hoping to wear the new hoodie for valentine's day, but that might be a little over ambitious. We're planning some more driving vacations for the next few weekends, so I might get some more quality car knitting in.


Centaur said...

Glad you had a good time at the lounge.

You watch. Once you have kids, a limousine or a minivan is the only way to go.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is nice, but extremely hard to read as the background of leaves so dark. If you could lighten it, that would be very helpful. Thanks.

Lori said...

Is that the hat that ended up with Andrew?! It's almost too small for him so I took a picture of him in it to make sure I didn't miss my chance. heresandrew.blogspot if you'd like to take a look. Very cute!