Saturday, May 19, 2007


Although I've been knitting away on hubbie's sweater waiting for the fun (aka intarsia) to begin, what I've really been dying to do is some fair isle. I love the way it looks, but am usually too cheap to buy the extra yarn (there is so much of the little colors that is left over! I know I may use it eventually, but still).

I chose a great fair isle sweater and Mary Jane booties for my unborn niece (she should be born in July), and I ordered some Knit Picks Shine Sport. I was prepared not to enjoy the yarn. I've ordered Knit Picks before and found that you pay for what you get. Hubbie's last sweater was made from Knit Picks Andes Wool, and I bought some sock yarn I couldn't stand to use from Knit Picks before. I am pleasantly surprised with the Shine Sport and will definitely use it again. It's soft, and I love the way it feels.

The yarn came Thursday night, and I've been knitting like mad ever since (well, the booties are small, so it has only taken a few hours of TV and lunchtime knitting). I'm almost done and am now confident to tackle the sweater. I've been reading some great Elizabeth Zimmerman books and have tried to use some of her fair isle techniques.
Hubbie has to work all weekend, so while he's off playing in the woods, his sweater might be put aside for another (more fun) project!