Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Love Floves Take 2

After a failed attempt at usable floves a few years ago, I've never really put my heart behind a flove project since. While browsing someone's website (I'm sorry, I can't remember whose!), I stumbled across the Endpaper Mitts. I LOVE them. I have been trying to do more color work lately, and saw this as a great opportunity.

So, on Sunday, in the poring rain, I walked to my local yarn store and purchased two skeins of fingering wool (since I had a punch card for $25 off, I bought the wool and some needles and only paid a nickel!). The wool is only $5 per skein anyway, so look for several repeats of this project (in Technicolor). A few short, obsessive hours later, and I present to you my flove:

Yes, I am already working on a mate. Don't worry, though. I still found time to do things with hubbie (such as attend a meeting about our garden, cook dinner tonight, and most importantly, beat him at a match of tennis).


Holly Jo said...

Oh, those are great! Love the colors you chose. I would figure living in the Seattle area you would live in those during the winter. They are just enough to keep the chill away.

Emily said...

Ooh, I just finished my first pair of these and they're so fun! It was my first colorwork and I'm totally addicting and wanting to make more, right now!