Thursday, May 10, 2007

Natural Consumer

Just in case you haven't discovered it yet, I'm a shopper. That's right. I love to shop. My idea of a great Saturday afternoon always involves some window shopping. I love spending money too, but for hubbie's sake, I try to control myself. And usually I do.

This week has involved some great purchases, and there are a few more yet to come. I bought the yarn to make my unborn niece a sweater and booties (I'm very excited about this project... I can't wait to master more color work). Hubbie and I bought another car (we are selling our Subaru Outback if you know any new Seattlites looking for a car to fit in the neighborhood).
Yes, our new car is a Prius. We apparently are uber Seattlites with the Prius and the Outback. How much more Northwest could one couple get?

I'm also buying a swimsuit (or two) for our Mexican cruise (there are some good prospects at the Gap that I will try on this weekend). And, now that I have no more excuses, I am buying some new running shoes so I can get off the couch and put my knitting down for at least 30 minutes a day. That way I can be a faster shopper.

I'm thinking of training for the Seattle half marathon in November. Anyone want to join me?

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Hubbie said...

Yeah for 49 miles to the gallon. Who could ever have dreamed driving could be so fun.