Saturday, July 14, 2007

Day Trippin'

To enjoy the beautiful weather today, hubbie and I decided to go on a day trip (since we were too lazy to put together a last minute camping trip). We were trying to find somewhere close to Seattle, and since I knew there was a great yarn store on a nearby island, I convinced him to head downtown to the ferry terminal.

During the gorgeous commute (and also while waiting in line at the DMV this morning), I made this:What is it? you might ask. Well, my friend, that is my first embroidery project ever! I am so excited about the possibilities and have a million projects (or just five) in my head already.

While on the island, we visited the aforementioned yarn store (although I didn't purchase anything! I'm very proud) and a great bakery that has special food for this special girl. We also went by a great bead store. I'm not a huge beaded necklace fan myself, but did find a fun pendant and (a la etsy style) purchased a few things to make this necklace for myself (for $2.77). I assembled it in a few quick minutes on the ferry back to Seattle.
Now it's off to the infamous Cinco de Mayo party in July that our neighbor throws every year (if you know my husband, you've been hearing about this party since last July!).

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