Monday, July 23, 2007

Yarn Woes

Every summer, I try to pick a ton of blueberries up by my parents house to last the year (or for one delicious month). Last year, I learned how miserable it could be to force hubbie to join me, so this past weekend, while he was working, I headed up to my parents house alone. We picked 10 lbs. of berries, and I am working on freezing it in batches as I type.

While I was there, my mom convinced me to go to a yarn sale at a store that is going out of business. It's a great store, and we bought enough yarn for a sweater each (for a lace leaf pullover for me and a plain v-neck sweater for mom), and some other odds and ends. On my way back home, we stopped at Daiso (apparently the largest in Washington) and I bought all kinds of Japanese goodies (I love their puzzles!). While we were in Daiso at the mall, someone broke into my parents car (it was unlocked, so at least there was no damage) and stole my things! This, sadly, included all the yarn, a backpack with some of my favorite running clothes (including the best sports bra ever), toiletries, and a bag of groceries. Luckily, there was nothing valuable, but it almost made it more annoying, since no one wants my stinky bra but me!

My parents graciously offered to replace the items, but it wasn't quite the same (and I don't want them to have to pay for my things that only I want either!). My mom called the yarn store this morning to see if they had any more yarn for our sweaters, and to warn them in case any one tried to return my yarn (I left the receipt in the bag). Apparently, some man did try to return it this afternoon, claiming "his aunt bought it". The yarn store lady said that she thought it was stolen from the backseat of a car. He claimed he found it, but left (without the yarn) anyway. Although I still have to replace some of my things (he didn't try to return my 10 year old backpack), at least the yarn is safe and accounted for! Hopefully this doesn't mean the Lace Leaf Pullover is cursed!


Martina said...

Bad luck...sorry to hear about it. But then Yeah!! The yarn came back!!

Jodi said...

How frustrating! At least you got your yarn back, but, wow, people really have some cajones.