Monday, September 24, 2007

Another Day, Another Sweater

Yes, this is two finished sweaters in two days. When it rains, it apparently pours. I really like this sweater and am looking forward to wearing it all fall long (I'll blend in with the leaves!). The neck is a little strange, and I sewed the wrong sleeves on the wrong sides (no one will notice, but the leaf sleeve is too close to the leaves on the bottom of the sweater). I found the perfect button at a yarn store near work (there is a button on the neck that is hard to see).


Jodi said...

Absolutely lovely! Looks like you're all set for fall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Maleah

It's April from PSC!

How are things? I was looking at your blog during my lunch hour today. Nice job on the sweaters! You have inspired me to fire up my blog again.

Take care! Hope you're doing well.