Sunday, November 25, 2007

November Knits

This month I have been busy doing a lot of things: knitting, working, running, scrapbooking our vacation pictures (which I finally printed today).

Today was the culmination of the running. My dad and I ran the Seattle Half Marathon today. Last year we finished in just under 1 hour 58 minutes. The official times aren't up yet, but I think we were just a few seconds slower this year. The weather was much nicer than last year, and it was great to know what hills to expect. Here we are at 7:00 this morning anxiously waiting for the race to start.
I've actually finished two things since my last post! I made myself a scarf to match my new red winter jacket (I have a problem with red- I love it!). It's a So Called Scarf, but I made it skinny because I was too cheap to buy two skeins of yarn. I think it still works well. I did break down and buy a second skein in Ellensburg this weekend at one of my favorite out-of-town yarn shops. I'm going to make a matching hat sometime...
I also finished a hat for my baby niece. She has a lot of clothes, but lives in Michigan and I'm sure her little head might get cold. I love the square hat look, but definitely still need to add some little tassels on the corners. I hope it's not too big... I based it on a pattern for 6-18 mo., but that's pretty broad (I took out a few stitches to make it a little smaller). I also bought a ball-rattle thing on etsy that will be a fun addition! I heart Christmas and babies!
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