Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Basketball Frenzy

That's right... another week, another Sonics game. We finally used the free tickets we won at the last game (and by "we", I mean "hubbie"). Also, in another burst of basketball frenzy (I heart winter sports), we went to a big exhibition game this weekend where we got to watch an exciting victory (and then a crushing defeat). It was high school ball, which is much more my style anyway.

I have, sadly, fallen off the crafting bandwagon lately. Sure, there is the occasional bus knitting, when it's not too crowded and I'm going far enough (usually just on the way home from work), but those sleeves aren't just knitting themselves!

As you may know, I have vowed not to purchase any new, first-hand clothes in all of 2008. Hopefully this will inspire more crafting. I already have some fun sewing ideas (look for tops coming soon) in place, so to jump start my craftiness, I had my own re-use challenge.

This evening I made a scarf and matching mittens from an old cashmere sweater:

And a skirt from a pair of hubbie's old pants. I think the length is spot-on, but my junior high home ec finishing at the top (aka: thick elastic band) isn't going to cut it. I think that I have some room to play around with, and I was thinking of refinishing the top with a sailor-pant button top... Now if only I can find an on-line tutorial.

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