Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Tortoise Springs Forward

My daily minutes of bus-knitting have finally added up. I have seamed (a little poorly, but it's done!) hubbie's sweater. All that is left is the neckline and a good blocking. Hopefully I can make it a little longer and more slender... I don't know if my blocking is really that miraculous.

Since hubbie's sweater is on the downhill slope, I began my own sweater. I chose the Henley Perfected (thanks for your opinions!). I'm already at the bust increases. I'm carefully rewriting the pattern since my gauge is different, so once I get closer to the lace, I'll have to slow down (and probably spin some more yarn).

And a sign of spring time:
These are our starts for our garden. Hubbie and I planted them on March 1st. Our salad is huge (comparatively), and the cabbage is looking good too. Almost all of the starts have, well, started. Hopefully it warms up and we can plant them in the ground soon. I've also been stalling on some serious weeding until our yard waste bin was up and running, which should be in 6 business days, and then we'll be full garden ahead!

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