Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Insert One (tiny) Baby

I've gotten a lot done on my mini-vacation! I finished a sweater for my soon-to-be-born neice:

It still needs to be blocked and I need to find the perfect buttons. Sadly, since I apparently can't concentrate on simple directions, I made this much smaller than suggested (missing a key increase at the sleeves), and it will only fit for a few days (hopefully she's not too big when she's born). Luckily, it's a cardigan, so hopefully that will help.

I also got insane amounts of spinning done. As you know, I have been at a standstill on my sweater, waiting for more yarn. On the long drive home today, I found out that I can actually spin in my car (while being a passenger, of course)! My spinning wheel is very small, but we drive a Prius, which is also super small. I wish I knew this on the drive to our vacation! My skeins are blocking/drying, so hopefully later this week or weekend we'll be full speed ahead on the sweater.

Also, while on vacation, my wonderful mother-in-law read my mind and bought me a book that I had been wanting.

At least I will have something to read while I am waiting for my yarn to dry!

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Hubbie said...

The baby sweater looks great. Almost as good as the lady who made it.