Thursday, April 10, 2008

More Baby Goodness

So in addition to the cat, I've also been knitting some other delicious baby items for my unborn niece. There are, of course, baby booties (that match Kate the Cat):

And I'm still working on a sweater (February Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann, in yarn spun by me!):

In more selfish knitting, I've come to a halt on my sleeves for the Henley Perfected. I ran out of yarn. I am spinning away and hope to be back knitting it next week.

Hubbie and I are going over to hang out with his parents this weekend for few days, so I'm hoping I can sneak in some spinning time while no one is looking... it's a good think my spinning wheel is so portable! Oh, also, my sweet mother is buying me another bobbin, so I should hopefully start making 3 ply yarn soon!

Look for mini-vacation pictures next week! I'm also in the middle of picking my next project, so look for that update as well!

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