Monday, May 05, 2008

I Heart Mondays

There must be something about Mondays that I just find strangely motivating. Or maybe it's because my weekends are so great!

I convinced poor hubbie to finally get our garden in shape tonight. Two hours later, we have no weeds (okay, very little weeds), rows of seeds and seedlings (I had to replant some poor lettuce mix that was in the wrong portion of the garden). Although hubbie wasn't excited about it, I think he is secretly as proud as I am! Once we have some delicious food growing, I'll post pictures! This year I focused on color: tri colored beans, colorful carrots, and more!

I finally started a new knitting project! I'm making some secret socks for a certain paternal someone for a upcoming holiday celebrating him! I cast on last night, and have a lot of bus knitting ahead of me.
These are from the Universal Toe-Up sock pattern with a K3, P1 pattern (will be more obvious later, I'm sure). It's a pretty good start for two days!

In other random wants: I've been drooling over this jacket by Nau (sadly going out of business and have everything 50% off... that makes this jacket only $124, but I couldn't take it back if it didn't fit, and it kind of goes against the no new clothes for a year thing...)

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