Sunday, May 11, 2008

One Week Later...

So, I'm pretty proud of how far my "bus knitting" project has come in one week. Granted, I may have knit at times when I wasn't actually on the bus, but I also showed restraint and didn't knit in EVERY social situation that I was in (I actually socialized instead - a little surprising, I know).
The yarn for my summer sweater that I'm dying to knit is sitting at the store waiting for me, but I'm showing even more self restraint and waiting until my birthday weekend to buy it (yes, it's a whole weekend celebration and not just a single day... it stopped being a single day years ago). I'm hoping to finish the surprise socks by that magical weekend, so my birthday present to myself can be casting on my new sweater.

To celebrate Mother's day this weekend (hubbie and I have kind of forgot about Mother's day for the past few years, so hopefully we made it up to both moms this year), we took my parents downtown for a little Seattle tourism (sadly, very little coffee was consumed... how un-Seattle of us).

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Anonymous said...

Mother's Day was great & I appreciate both of you! Thanks for being such great kids. The space needle picture turned out great. I think it should be a postcard or notecard. Love mom.