Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bag O Bags Take 2

So after numerous compliments on the Bag O Bags and requests for others, I decided to slowly spoil my friends by making a few more. Last night I started my second bag, again using all white shopping bags. I'm 3/4 done and need about 10 more bags to finish! I took my boss's advice and bought a much larger hook (size N) so this bag went a lot faster. I think it's a bit bigger too. I've also gotten better at cutting up the bags which has sped up the process. Anyway, here it is... beautiful, I know (you can see the new sparkly hook in the picture as well). The only question left is... who is it for? Find out soon!

1 comment:

Me said...

I think you ought to be doing this one for yourself! Is that it? :o)

You know, crochet is one thing I've never completely mastered. Basic granny squares and ponchos (for my girls) is about my limit. I'll catch on to it one of these days.

I'm sitting here and wondering what it'd be like to knit plastic bags? Maybe I'll have a go at that sometime...

Feeding my knitting habit, you are!! :o)