Saturday, June 11, 2005

Busy Little Errand-running Bee

The second bag o bags was so much faster! I'm going to make a label today so it looks more "official" and I'm planning on giving it to its new owner tomorrow. I went exploring today in a new town (20 minutes away), and in one shopping complex, I found a Joann's (that was 3 times larger than my regular Joann's), a dollar store, a thrift store, and an office depot (where I bought iron-on paper for the printer to make my labels with). At the dollar store, I bought some utility towels for a silly skirt, after being inspired by this. I'm hoping to whip it up this afternoon. In addition to the other finds, I also bought a little something for my secret pal and ran a super secret errand for the hubbie. Sneaky, I know.

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