Saturday, June 11, 2005

Utility Skirt

Okay, so I know that I'm silly, but I tried my hand at free form sewing. That is, sewing with an idea, but not a pattern. I copied this idea from something I saw on a crafter contest, and it was pretty easy and very cheap. I bought some utility towels from Big Lots (6 towels for $1) and headed towards my sewing machine. An hour or so later (and surprisingly very few mistakes), I came out wearing this. Okay, I know it's kind of cheesy, and I don't know how much I will really wear it, but it was great practice for only $2.50 (the elastic was more than the fabric!).


Anonymous said...

This doesn't look bad to me, If it's toweling, does that make it heavy? Another way to get cheap matieral for experiments is at a thrift store, Since you are apparently small, a big size skirt or dress has a lot of material that could be re-used. Keep trying different things , By the way don't give your grandma all the credit, you have to have a head on your own shoulders that figures out things very well..with your enthuasim who knows what star you'll reach.

maleah said...

The utility towels are chincey and are very thin. Think of what the lube guys use to change your oil and whipe junk off of their hands... that's what the skirt is made of.