Monday, October 24, 2005

NatureKnitter Restaurant

I warned you last week that I was weirdly busy and haven't knitted in ages. Sadly, this is still true. This weekend when I thought I would get some precious knitting time, hubbie conned me into helping him win the cooking contest at work. We're all taking turns making dinner for everyone with judging and all. Apparently there's a prize, but since hubbie is the boss, I'm sure it's not very exciting (hee hee). We decided to go all out with a sushi made-to-order restaurant.

Hubbie was in charge of all chef work, while I was in charge of decorations as well as serving. And yes, the chopsticks were from Pick Up Stix. Thanks PUS!

Hubbie plating the sushi while I patiently tell him orders and wait to serve the sushi.

Anyway, it was tons of fun and, like I said, consumed my entire weekend. Hopefully knitting pictures will be soon!

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