Sunday, April 08, 2007

Gone Fishin'

After looking through hundreds (okay, maybe just dozens) of buttons for the baby cardi, I settled on the fish seen below. I know this isn't the easiest for buttoning, but they are smooth glass (like they were just washed up on the beach in this shape and color), so hopefully that will help!
Anxious to start my next project, the yarn arrived for hubbie's Tribal sweater (from Knitting with Balls) the other day.

Hubbie is excited to have a new sweater, and I have yet to knit him a sweater I feel truly proud of. First there was the monkey sweater (no pictures exist... I'm too embarrassed). The sleeves reach his knees. Next was the druid sweater. The last was the most successful, but I'm not happy with the yolk or color of the sweater. I'm hoping this will be the piece de resistance! The color is nice, the yarn is decent (and only $6 per skien at Hello Knitty!), and the pattern looks good. I started it in the car yesterday, but after about 10 rows, it looks gigantic! I'm going to check my gauge today and think about starting over.

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Hi I'm you letter knitter writer and I mailed your letter today. Hope to hear from you soon!