Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Marathon Knitting, Knitting Marathon

I found ample knitting time this past weekend while driving up to visit my parents (2 hours), driving down to where my dad ran a marathon (1.5 hours), waiting for the ferry home (1.5 hours), on the ferry (30 minutes), and on the rest of the drive home (30 minutes). Of course, the highlight in this knitting marathon was watching my dad run his first full marathon (at 54 years old!). We ran a half marathon back in November together, and dad ran the first half of his marathon faster than we ran before (which was already pretty fast!). I'm trying to convince him to run another marathon next year so that I can join him (it's been a dream of his to qualify for Boston, so I just have to convince him it's a reality so he'll run another with me!). Hubbie won an iPod Nano during March Madness, so I am now equipped with the Nike+ to help keep track of my running (including my pace... I'm very excited about it!).

Anyway, down to the knitting...I worked on the back of hubbie's sweater, and got almost done (please note: My husband is as large as a chair).

I've also been continuing my bus knitting. I'm turning the heel of the second sock and should be on the foot in two more non-crowded rides.

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QueenMeadow said...

Congrats to your dad! I want to run a marathon some day.

Love the colors of your bus socks!

Holly Jo said...

Man. If you run as fast as you knit, you are one speedy gal. :) Is the sock pattern the new one from Knitty?

hubbie said...

I can't wait for the new sweater it is looking almost as good as you.