Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Inspired by Nature

In an effort to cultivate the best possible NatureKnitter, hubbie took me out on a tour of Seattle this weekend to make my inner and outer beauty shine. We started at a great crafty store where he implored me to find the inspiration to make one new thing and eventually sell it (more about that in a future post). Out of that store came the inspiration for this:

We also toured several boutiques to find items that flattered the very best of my physical frame.

We found some great dresses that I will look at again when getting ready for our upcoming vacation (we're taking a cruise in October to Mexico... look forward to hearing all about it later). Of course, we also took time to stop and smell the roses.
After the trip, I am more inspired and ready to make my world, and my life, a better place. This involves big exciting changes in hubbie's employment (which equal less stability, but more happiness and together time), potential changes in transportation (that will make nature happy) and of course, the aforementioned selling.

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Hubbie said...

I think that the blog could use a new background. It would be nice to see a new look for all of your old fans.