Sunday, February 24, 2008

Micro Progress

After all of my spinning excitement, I decided to spin yarn for a sweater! It's a big project (2 lbs.) that should take a long time.

I bought some great super cheap roving ($.81/ounce!) that is a merino/alpaca blend. I'm planning on knitting the Henley Perfected (ravelry). Of course, while I'm not near my spinning wheel, I'm still diligently working on hubbie's sleeves, but it's a slow (and boring) process.

In an attempt to remain energetic, I am beginning the Self Challenge '08. I think this is my third (or fourth?) challenge, but I usually peter out around month 2 (it' a 3 month challenge). Wish me luck (or feel free to talk some trash to help motivate me)!

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