Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Shirt 2 (or "How I Spent my Wednesday/Sunday Nights")

As I mentioned in my last post, I was excited to make another shirt that was more "my style". By "my style" I guess I mean a little boring: dark, plain material. I used the same size pattern, and, although the first shirt fit perfectly, this shirt felt way too big. Here I am in the gargantuan version I made Wednesday night:
My mom visited this weekend (she kept me company while shopping till I dropped on Saturday while hubbie was out of town), and she helped me pin the top so that I would know where to alter the huge top. Here I am in the same shirt after a little alteration on Sunday night:
Yeah! It's so much cuter and actually shows off my girlish figure (instead of making me look pregnant). This will fit nicely into my wardrobe (along with the new/used tops my mom helped me purchase at Buffalo Exchange this weekend).

In unrelated news, I went to the first of my two part spinning (yarn, not bicycle) class today. I am so excited! Hopefully by this time next week I'll have some pretty yarn to show off!

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Hubbie said...

I love it your a future star of the design shows.