Monday, May 26, 2008

Best Weekend Ever

Okay, that might be a tiny stretch, but we really did have a great long weekend! My birthday nicely coincides with Memorial Day each year, so it's always a long weekend that's all (or mostly at least) about me.

This weekend started off with a trip to my favorite not-so-local yarn store in hubbie's hometown. I had three gift certificates there, two of which were surprises for my birthday! I had planned on buying yarn to start the Apres Surf Hoodie that I have been so excited about, but I also ended up buying enough yarn to make a fair isle sweater for myself sometime in the future. They have an amazing 6-or-more-skeins-are-10%-off deal (always... I just found a new favorite store when I'm buying in bulk) AND 45% off sale on Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (a weakness of mine... this will eventually be a fair isle sweater).

Here are my spoils:
Of course, this means the knitting on the socks came to a screeching halt. I'll try to still knit them on the bus, but I have 10 more days to finish them.

This weekend's knitting was, obviously, focused on my Apres Surf Hoodie. I knit most of Monday, but not that much on Saturday or Sunday, so I'm pretty impressed with my progress.

On the way home from visiting all of the in-laws and others, we stopped by our garden. I was worried that it would miss us too much and look sad, but it looks great! We should be able to start harvesting some salad in a week or two! Our beans are out of control... now hopefully the pods will start showing up soon.

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