Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summertime in the City

Now that the sun is back out, hubbie and I are determined to enjoy our summer in the city. Last year I feel like we worked all the time, so hopefully this year will feel differently (although we will still be working a lot). To kick off the season, we finally bought a BBQ. Against our wishes, we broke down and went to Wal Mart to buy this great barbecue. Hubbie loves grilling as much as possible (at once!).

We're hosting a lunch later this month, and my amazing parents just gave us their old patio furniture. Hopefully in the next two weeks I will have enough energy and motivation to sand and paint the table and chairs and will show off before and after photos when I'm done!

Speaking of my parents, yes, the socks were for my dad. His birthday was a few days ago, and along with father's day, I thought these socks would be the perfect gift! He wanted a sweater, but is too picky, so I told him that until he is old and frail and wears sweater-vests, these socks will have to do.

To further celebrate summer, hubbie and I made it to a baseball game last night. Hubbie is a huge fan (even though our team stinks). See his "rally cap" below for fan proof!

We just reserved a campsite for the 4th of July, so hopefully we'll be out enjoying more sun soon!


Tara said...

Hi Maleah! Uh...just wanted to tell you that the hat is super cute!

dguzman said...

Nice sox!